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Los perros con Dog Walker

Leon Quesney

I always liked dogs. I grew up in the countryside and they were my best friends. Discovering that it is possible to deliver a healthy and nutritious food, as well as being friendly to the environment is what I am most passionate about in Circular Pet.

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Cristian Peirano

Being able to innovate and break paradigms is what I am most passionate about in Circular Pet. I realize that changes can really be made from within the food industry to deliver a nutritious and ecological option to our pets.


Nicolas Calvo

I've been trying to reduce my environmental footprint for a long time and I didn't know what a tremendous impact my dogs have. Being able to question the food industry and deliver a sustainable solution is the best thing about Circular Pet.

This project is developed by periferi.co design and engineering office focused on comprehensive developments that promote innovation and creativity to evolve towards a circular economic model.

We are grateful for the support of the University of Chile, Corfo and each of the relevant actors in the search for new solutions to bring our ship to fruition.


We invite you to find out more about our work and challenge us to new projects.



How do we innovate?

We seek to innovate from within the system.

We question the Pet Food industry, analyze it and raise the main critical points, rethinking its bases towards a circular economy which ultimately add value ​​and reintegrates resources.


No + toxic pellets

No + production with environmental impact

No + plastic pollution

No + CO2 pollution




Premium nutrition without environmental impact


Eco-friendly production processes


Truely sustainable packaging


Electrologistics to reduce CO2

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